Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Viewing Hands in Swat 3

I've received a lot of questions about viewing hands in Swat 3 1st person view. This feature is actually built into the game and can be accessed through the console.

1. To open the console hold down the shift key and ~
2. Type handsup and then hit enter
3. escape key exits console

Your hands will now be viewable. I really like this setting even though it has problems, overall it improves my game experience. Other players hate it so its really up to the individual, I recommend trying it out xD


  1. Aww yeah, thanks.
    I llllike it :D

  2. doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!( i have version 1.4

  3. now have the 1.6 version and have this same problem (doesnt work!

  4. It doesnt work for me neither. I type handsup but it just says its invalid statement or something. Can anyone help please?

  5. Holding shift key and ~ doesnt worked for me.But i found another way similar to open the console.Hold shift and , key. the , keys is near Enter.

  6. Fuck you whats key. Explpain mother fucker