Saturday, July 24, 2010

#6 on Google!

This Swat 3 Mods Blog is now the #6 search result on google for the keywords 'swat 3 mods'. I greatly appreciate this honor and will continue to remain worthy of it by providing quality Swat 3 Mods content that is relevant and timely. If it's Swat 3 and its on the internets, it will be on Swat 3 Mods xD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MySpace, Swat 3 is There!

Worthless crumbling shithole called MySpace actually has some Swat 3 Videos...when was the last time you logged into your account?

Swat 3 Phoenix

Badwish | MySpace Video

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swat 3 TV has it's first official broadcast. Straight from tha hood, it's a suburban showdown!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Swat 3 TV is on the air!!!

Swat 3 now has it's own Youtube channel! Broadcasting 24/7 breaking news for the Swat 3 community. So heat up your tv dinner and enjoy xD

Swat 3 TV

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

WON - Old Pics 2000-2001

WON was the official Sierra server for Swat 3 multiplayer. That's where we talked shit in the lobby, made friends, talked more shit in the lobby, formed clans, set up TDM/DM matches and co-op sessions. When we weren't on WON we kept in touch through clan and fan websites, official Sierra Forums, IM clients like AIM and ICQ, and voice chat apps like Roger Wilco, Ventrilo and microsoft sidewinder.

I had been on WON since Swat 2 so I was used to beef in the lobby, that was the nastiest group of people I've ever encountered in my life.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we used to talk shit in the lobby? xD

These pictures are a random collection of ancient Swat 3 history sitting on a dusty cd-r for the last 9 years. Now here for the entire internets to enjoy. Some of the pics are group portraits of my old clan, Elite Assassin Force. Others are screenshots we used to take of fallen clan rivals. And then just other randomness...


I will never understand hacking multiplayer, they've ruined the idea of public servers across the board. If you don't know someone, you can't trust them. It's a shame, because the competition in DM and TDM used to be sick. My clan was targeted by hackers in early 2001, prob the first instance on swat 3. It's been a downward spiral ever since.


I've posted links to sites that are still hosting swat 3 mods, missions and utilities.

If you know of any sites hosting swat 3 mods, feel free to comment here.