Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sorry for Delayed Response

Just want to thank everyone that has emailed me and posted to this blog. My comp suffered a hard drive failure and I have been relying on my iPod touch for internet access xD

1. Sorry for not emailing the Blue Light mod to those who have requested it. If anyone can host it that would be awesome.

2. I didn't anticipate the technical issues that people would be having with Blue Light. It was designed according my Swat 3 install and everyone in the DNC community. We have swat patched to USA version 2.1 and the Last Resort mod installed. Blue Light takes advantage of the larger resolution texture limits of Last Resort. If you haven't installed Last Resort, I highly recommend it. It is not a gameplay mod, instead it expands some of the technical limits of the original game code.

3. If you need help patching Swat to the latest version with Last Resort and/or are interested in playing Swat 3 multiplayer online via VPN, I highly encourage you to visit the DNC community website. Post a new thread in the introduction forum and you will be greeted by fellow Swat vets who will help you patch the game, set up the VPN software and get onto our teamspeak server for voice communication.

Viva la Swat!

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  1. I Will host in on swat3reunited.com