Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Swat 3 Reunion Date has been Set!!!

A reunion date has been set for

Friday February 4, 2011

all are welcome

For more information about this event please log-on to


  1. Hi I just started playing swat 3 ee & swat 3 tgoty! I used to play it on demo over 7 years ago online! Now i'm grown and I have paid for EE & TGOTY version! But i'm having a serious problem with putting mods on TGOTY version! People keep saying put it in the swat 3 mods directory manager! But I see no such file! All I see is .RES & I don't even no with that is! If you can please help teach me how to work swat 3 EE & TGOTY I would be very grateful!

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  3. I suggest that you visit
    There you can find all the info on game installation, file downloads and more. It's hosted by the free and open LAN gaming community, Dazed and Confused. Good Luck!